Future Church


Future Church – 7 Laws of Real Church Growth

Av William Mancini og Cory Hartman

Publisher’s Description

Church growth models have often been long on promises and short on disciple-making. We continue to watch consistent church attendance shrink, and our desire to reach the lost is infected with a need for self-validation by growing our numbers at any cost. If we believe that God wants his church to grow, where do we go from here? What is the future of the church?

Drawing from his 20 years and 15,000 hours of consulting, author Will Mancini shares with pastors and ministry leaders the single most important insight he has learned about church growth. With plenty of salient stories and based solidly on the disciple-making methods found in Scripture, Future Church exposes the church’s greatest challenge today, and offers 7 transforming laws of real church growth so that we can faithfully and joyfully fulfill Jesus’s Great Commission.

Author Bio

William Mancini (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary) is a church consultant and ministry entrepreneur. In 2015, he cofounded Younique, a coaching company that delivers gospel-centered life design through local churches, and in 2019 he started Denominee, a consulting group that increases the value of denominational and network leaders to the local church. He has written six books, including YouniqueClarity SpiralGod DreamsInnovating Discipleship, and Church Unique. He enjoys speaking and writing about how to create clarity and live a life of more meaningful progress. Will lives in Houston with his wife, Romy, and has four children. You can learn more about Will and his ecosystem of breakthrough ideas, tools, and organizations at www.willmancini.com. Connect with him on Instagram @will_be_clear and Twitter @willmancini.

Cory Hartman is the founder of Fulcrum Content, an organization that uses the written word to extend leaders’ reach and equip churches for disciple-making. He has pastored churches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.



Title: Future Church: 7 Laws of Real Church Growth
By: William Mancini, Cory Hartman
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Publication Date: 2020

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